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Sons of Liberty Gun Works Buffer | SOLGW T2


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For years we have been well known for our bundled “A5KIT’s” offered – allowing users to purchase one kit to install an A5 (intermediate) length receiver extension on the lower receiver. We have introduced the SOLGW T2 Buffer.

The SOLGW T2 buffer (5.6oz) is offered as a stand alone option to tune AR pattern rifles that are already equipped with the A5 receiver extension/ recoil system. This allows fine tuning for optimal reliability and ejection pattern on rifles that are over gassed whether suppressed or unsuppressed.

To meet our current demand schedules for these kits, as well as the rifles built using them, we have partnered with BCM to offer our own version of their MK2 Recoil Management System. This 5.6oz (T2) buffer is a drop-in replacement for the A5H2 weight the majority of our rifles have been shipping with for almost 10 years now.

  • Lessens felt recoil, without compromising reliability
  • Provides a more consistent carrier velocity, which can aid in accuracy, reliability over conventional carbine buffer system
  • Increased internal counterweight travel reduces bolt bounce
  • Uses a M16A4 rifle spring with more spring coils than M4 carbine, increases consistency and widens operating envelope
  • Internal spring to reduce noise of counter weight shifting and ensure more consistent weight placement

This is the perfect buffer for your KDG 8-Position Receiver Extension

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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