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A son of the Titans Pallas & Styx, Kratos is a figure from Greek mythology, known primarily as the personification of strength power, and authority. His siblings include Nike (goddess of victory), Bia (personification of force), and Zelus (personification of zeal or rivalry). His name itself (κράτος) translates to “strength” or “power” in Greek..

At Kratos Design Group, we harness the essence of Kratos to shape our approach to product design. Just as Kratos symbolizes unparalleled strength and power, we infuse our philosophy into every aspect of our products. Our mission is simple: to design and produce the strongest products using the finest materials available.

Kratos, brother of the goddess, Nike is the Greek divine personification of strength

This is the inspiration for the approach we take to product design. Our entire philosophy is to build the strongest products from optimal materials. Strength by design.